16 junio 2010

Associative Design. El arquitecto como diseñador de videojuegos.

Extract from original presentation.

ASSOCIATIVE DESIGN is a specific design technique to the domain of architectural practice.  It is based on new computational techniques to the forces of urbanization. New models of urban design.

It is a  parametric design technique using metric parameters to create a infinite number of variations. It is a technique based on associated geometry. Such geometry describes the relationship between varios assemblies  constitutes the designed object as a mutually linked geometricall construction

Scientific methodology to create the growth of cities throght the relationship between house and infrastructure.  The form of knowledge produced by the methodology is the idea of types.  The types are a form of abstraction that separate the essential from the concrete. The idea of types came the only architectural instrument for allkind of architectural regimes.

In opposition to the idea of  Type and typological thinking associative design proposes what in Biology is know as POPULATION THINKING. A design approach of pure variations mediante las que un grupo de objetos o una familia de edificios se diferencia medante varios formas y grados. 

For typologists  types  are real and variations are only illusions.   For populationists,  the type average is an abstraction and only  the variations is real.   Populationists intend to overcome  the typology  and propose an unplanned planning.  

¿Se puede construir una arquitectura vernácula sintética?

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